Welcome to Boston’s Nails and Spa.

We offer a wide range of services including nail care, facials, and body waxing. Our goal is to create one place where our customers can receive an all around pampering. Take some time off from reality and treat yourself to a therapeutic and rejuvenating escape.

Our professional technicians will provide an amazing experience for you using high end products. We have a variety of brands of regular polishes, gel polishes, and hybrid polishes to choose from. All of our tools are scrubbed down with barbicide disinfectant, packaged into a sterilizing pouch, and then put into the hospital grade sterilizer. We ensure sanitation through the use of tub liners, disposable nail files, buffers, flip-flops, and toe separators. We also provide disposable UV protecting gloves. We want our clients to feel safe and relaxed. We prioritize in the sanitation of our products, the quality of our services, and the satisfaction of our customers.


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